Paradigm Automation Fellowships

Fellowships for Good

We started the Fellowship Program because we want to provide real-world project experience to developers. We have a significant amount of education in our team, so this is a natural move for us to make. During our time spent teaching, we learned how to bring value to students by pushing boundaries and shaping information to be better received. We encourage those who enter this program to take up the problems we pose to them as their own issues, to think about them in the deepest terms possible, and to do it. We’ll be there to help, but the point of this program is to give up-and-coming or course-changing developers an opportunity to show they’ve got what it takes.

How does it Work?

Paradigm Fellows are students. Some of them have large amounts of prior experience coding, some of them do not. Designers, accountants, current students – we have less availability in these roles, but we’re willing to consider interested parties. To be a Paradigm Fellow is to be a person of acumen as well as to be a team player. We bring people in, introduce them to the team, and match them with what they want to do. Then we provide feedback. In exchange for taking time to complete tasks, Fellows are able to get hands-on experience in a real-world business environment. Typically the ones who excel the most are those who choose to dedicate extra time to the work.

The Benefit

Problem-posing educational methods have been repeatedly shown to outperform the “banking method” – essentially, we offer this educational service because we want to give back to our community and because we understand that reading coding resources isn’t always the best way to advance one’s understanding of what’s involved in a given task. Whether we’re dealing with people, developing our business plan, or writing code, it’s always best to be part of a group and have a well-defined goal to work in pursuit of. The Paradigm Automation Fellowship allows students the opportunity to engage in this sort of advanced learning for 30 days.


Ideal applicants to the program have education and/or experience in some sort of coding or other formal logic environment (or in their field, whatever it may be). They also have an idea of what they want to get out of the program; i.e., they need help transitioning from a back end role to a front end web development position. In either case, submit your email below. You’ll receive a form with an application in it in response, and we’ll be in touch after we receive your responses to that.

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